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Xenia A. Busigin
Xenia A. BusiginBody By Xenia
I design beautiful bodies.

My Love for fitness started as an obsession at a very young age. I have competed and won titles in figure but now I choose to spend my time mentoring and empowering women to love the journey and love themselves.

fat loss, transformations, bikini and figure competition prep, photo shoot prep, vacation and weddings, body sculpting, build confidence, lifestyle makeovers, fitness lifestyle coaching.

Matt Haynes
Matt HaynesLifestyle and health/fitness Coach
Trainer, adventurer, international man of mystery (OK, I may have embellished on the last part).

I have been lifting weights since I was 15. I am passionate about fitness and dedicated to getting you results. The true foundation for the aesthetic and functional comes from consistently being able to identify your weakness and correct them through targeted sweat equity. My workouts are intense, my dietary planning is precise but I work with you to ensure sustainability.

I am as invested in you as you are in me and I want and need you to succeed. I love what I do. I think you will too. Fitness should be fun and it should be approachable but it doesn’t come without a little hard work and perseverance. I’ll provide you the formula, you have to do the persevering but I will be there every step of the way to guide you.


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