8 new and adventurous ways to enjoy your branch chain amino acids

Branch Chain Amino Acids (known by their abbreviation BCAA’s) are the building block to protein as protein is the building block to muscle.  Drinking exogenous BCAA’s leads to better preservation of muscle while dieting, increased muscle mass, and more intensity in the gym.  We typically take three servings a day, one upon immediately waking, one during workout, and one pre bedtime.

Low in cals and flavored just as well as most calorie conscious drinks on the market, not only are amino’s great for your health, they’re also super tasty (depending on brand selection) and we often refer to them as “bodybuilder Kool-aid”.  If you’re looking for a little more variety and a few ways to enjoy them in your regular life we put together a quick list of eight ways that will level up your BCAA experience:

  • 1 – BCAA Popsicles – find a mold from any grocery store, mix one scoop of BCAAS with 750 ml litres of warm water and add vitamins, fruit, and any supplement or herb you can imagine to flavor them.  Freeze and serve.  Sugar free, tasty, and beneficial this leaves a lot to the creative foodie who wants to get a little weird with their BCAA’s.

  • 2 – Dip em with fruit – Remember Fun Dip? – I often use fruit as the “stick” to dip into my BCAA’s when I am enjoying simple carbs.  I know it sounds weird but try it.  It’s super tasty and works really well with rhubarb.

  • 3 – Use them to flavor your own plain Greek yogurt – Plain Greek Yogurt is super nutrtious but sometimes super bland…  A scoop of aminos to a cup of Greek Yogurt instantly transforms it into something sweet, nutritious and palatable.

  • 4 – Flavor your water and drinks with BCAA Ice cubes.  Mix as directed and just freeze them into a colid state in any ice cube tray of your choice and serve with water or drinks throughout the day as needed.  Amino Energy Coffee ice cubes also make a cold brewed coffee a lot more flavorful and healthy.  Play around with your favorite combinations.

  • 5 – Mix them into your Sugar Free Jello for an awesome flavor, with an added health kick.  We are huge fans of sugar free jello for staving off sugar cravings and adding your favorite flavor of BCAA only makes Jello more badass.

  • 6 – Make BCAA gummy worms or bears – its actually a lot easier than you think.  All you need it the mold which can be grabbed at most dollar stores or even grocery stores.

    You’ll need
    1 scoop of BCAA
    3 packets unflavored gelatin
    1/2 cup room temp water

    How to
    1. Mix ingredients until they are dissolved in a bowl
    2. Simmer the mix inside of a pan on low for 5 minutes until slightly thickened. stirring often.
    3. Pour into the molds and let them sit 3 hours in the fridge or a minimum 30 minutes in the freezer.
    4. remove them from the molds and store them in the fridge overnight for up to 6 days.

  • 7 – Bake them into a protein mug cake – now this is where matching your protein and BCAA’s takes a little imagination but one of our favorites is using amino energy coffee flavour BCAA with a nice chocolate protein powder.

    Quick recipe :

    -2 table spoons coconut flour

    -1 scoop of protein,

    -1/8th teaspoon baking powder

    -pinch of salt, teaspoon of coco powder


    mix the dry ingredients. add one egg, one teaspoon vanilla, 1/3 cup of unsweetened almond milk, Combine in a bowl and set for 1.5 minutes in a mug in the microwave.  Add any sugar free topping and serve.

  • 8 – BCAA slushie – probably the only thing better than a slurpee from 7-11 when your feeling hot is a home made BCAA slushie.  The combinations are endless but it’s really just as easy as adding ice, BCAA’s and water to a blender and hitting the button.  Create your own masterpiece by adding anything you want.

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