A few of our favorite transformations this year

2017 was an amazing year full of some awesome clients.

Lisa Marie Laflamme and James Mitchell both did two our our Savage In Six transformation with James loosing over 60 lbs and Lisa breaching well over the 40 lb mark changing their bodies, their lifestyle, and the way they view fitness.

Amanda Wells took second place in our last transformation challenge completely recomping her physique in six short weeks proving that the scale isn’t always a factor in drastic life changes

Veronica Kane used the savage in six challenge to completely reshape her body in a few short weeks

Trent and Katlyn have both done huge life changing transformations over the course of the last two challenges inspiring them to do a couples photo shoot.  While they didn’t loose a ton of weight the change is very apparent when you scroll through the photos and these two took first place in our last savage in Six Transformation Challenge making some insane progress

Jason Huggett made some insane gains over the course of our prep and came out looking like a savage beast

Natalie Bouchard set the fitness world on fire winning her pro card in the UFB world championships while working with Xenia

Kyle Davidson lost a shocking 28 lbs in the last Savage In Six making our first place award a tough one.  This guy dropped a ton of weight and put on a ton of muscle in only six short weeks.

Paul Coates put on some lbs in all the right places while working relentlessly in a camp setting surrounded by crappy food and temptation all the while working 12 hour days seven days a week!

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