A rant from a fit chick…. How not to get punched in the face at the gym

Things not to say or do to a fit chick in the gym:

When she’s doing cardio- do not come to talk to her. Do not even try and make eye contact to see if she’s open to talking. She’s not. When you do this, she wants to stab you in the eye ball. No eye contact or conversations during cardio. Ever. Especially if she’s doing it fasted in the morning.

Do not approach a competitor after a competition in the gym saying anything along he lines of her weight gain. It’s not relatable. It’s not cute. It’s not anything to joke about. She will want to stab you in the eye ball.

Don’t stand behind her when she’s dead lifting or going to the water fountain. Either just give her a respect knod or smile then go on with your self at the gym. And If you have anything to say to her, catch her after she’s finished. Not before she starts. She probably has some leg day anxiety or might be trying to talk herself into a great workout and you coming with your selfish ways will distract her and could throw her off. Not immediately after though. Because she needs to take it all in. She needs to savor the endorphins. She needs to appreciate the victory. That’s he prize at the end of the workout. If you approach her during this time, you pretty much are ruining her day. Let her have it.

Not before. Not during. Not immediately after.

Rant complete


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  1. Maureen Clyne January 16, 2018 at 4:11 pm - Reply

    😂😂😂😂😂. Imma have a real nice bitch face when I work out too. #savagesistas

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