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Matt Haynes and Xenia Busigin are Antihero Fitness;  Two trainers living in Playas Del Coco (originally from Canada see our story on our youtube video below) mentoring and helping people succeed with their fitness and life goals online while launching exciting fitness challenges and retreats from the Beauty of Central America.

Anti-hero fitness (as a whole) is a collective of minds of people who love to lift, train, and evolve both mentally and physically. We truly love what we do. We live without regret and enjoy every day as it comes.  The recipe is simple: if we wouldnt lift it, wear it, eat it, use it, or rep it… well… neither should you and we wont sell it or recommend it.  We don’t give fitness advice we don’t follow ourselves and we reinforce and encourage questioning everything we tell you in pursuit of a better experience and sustainability above and beyond our relationship with you.

Antihero is about setting standards as the supernova you`re meant to be. Being the best you. Constantly advancing, grinding, learning, and moving forward. Dont pay attention to the jones`s, be the jonses.  Life doesnt care about what your neighbor did, or what you could have did, or what you might do.. no one holds you accountable but yourself. Be your own hero.

We Love and Live To Help You: Smash Goals, Destroy Your Expectations, And Have The Best Body Possible.  Love Yourself, Love the World..

When you change the way you love yourself and free yourself of negative patterns (while still enjoying life, food, balance) you ultimately change the way, not only you view yourself, but the way the world views you by the energy you carry and the confidence you have.  Fitness is more than just working out.  For us, It’s challenging you to be a better version of yourself through focus, discipline, and self control.  When you create discipline in one area of your life it often filters throughout other aspects of your life as well.  Without balance and enjoyment, discipline is meaningless.  Without the bitter we can never taste the sweet…  but fitness doesn’t have to be the bitter…  By following a dedicated system with solid mentors and proper meal preparation with an allowance for living life we can embrace the journey through changing the way we view healthy food and a hard workout.

Motivational Trainers

Strength & Conditioning

Fitness & Cardio

Flexibility & Rest

Health & Nutrition

Targeted Programming

  • Focus energy, work off stress, get stronger and live longer

  • Eat better, look better, act better, feel better.

  • Receive more than just workouts, receive solid advice and information you can apply to the way you live for lasting results.

  • Train differently.  Train your weaknesses.  Train for more than just a great body.  Train for a great life.