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Online Training with Matt or Xenia

For the cost of two personal training sessions with an in person trainer you get a month of unlimited workout and diet plan revisions and access to your trainer 24/7 with a video library and personal app containing all of your exercises and weekly progress check ins.  This is more than a program and diet.  It’s like having a trainer on call all the time with real time data and feedback based on your goals.  Its setting yourself up with the knowledge to be successful during your time with us and well into the future thereafter.

What is Online Training

Online Training is the all in one online support tool and management system for monitoring and driving personal growth and progress.  It entails a workout and select dietary plan based on your caloric requirements and goals.  It includes 24/7 online support from Matt or Xenia to answer any and all questions you may have.  It includes recommended supplements, the training application with videos for all exercises.  Weekly check ins with measurements, photos, and weight to track your progress in real time.  It also includes optional calorie tracking through integration with MyfitnessPal.  This isn’t some set it and forget it plan.  It is Matt or Xenia at your disposal for questions, modifications, trouble shooting and planning to help you feel your best, look your best, and be your best on a daily basis or as you need them.

What are the benefits?

Its beneficial in the sense that if you ever need a modification (ate too much at the parents last BBQ, a few too many drinks on a Friday, been sick for a week and need to get back on track, ect…) that we are always here to help guide you.  It creates accountability and we are able to adjust to whatever life throws at you.  Life isn’t perfect.  We help you roll with the punches and adjust as we see fit.  We keep you honest and we keep you on track.  Its a full learning experience.  Anyone can follow a program but asking why the program is designed the way it is sets you up to succeed so you can grow past us and hopefully recommend us to all of your awesome friends and family.  Its teaching someone how to fish versus feeding someone for a day.

Monthly Online Coaching Costs

$15000monthly recurring payments (cancel anytime)
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