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The group had been exclusive to previous Transformation contenders only. We are now opening up to their friends. This is an invite only society.

Savage Society is more than just body transforming online training program. It’s a family.

Welcome home.

What is Savage Society?

  • monthly training program subscription to help you get and stay on plan. It’s an intense GYM BASED 5 day training split with assigned cardio. It’s in Savage in 6 style.. only toned down for lifestyle, goal oriented training. Great for maintenance, or building up the strength and confidence  to handle the challenge workouts.

  • Interactive Online community of women/men doing the program with you. Make friends, empower each other, inspire and be inspired. Monitored by Xenia/Matt and team to help answer all your questions and keep you motivated and accountable. It’s really awesome.

  • Interactive in app training. Track your workouts, hit new PRs, track your progress. Compare your photos side by side every week.

  • Access to our members only section of the website where you will find all of our secrets, tips and recipes, available for download absolutely free

  • Exclusive discounts on our apparel, transformation challenges and downloadable training Programs

  • If you’re doing the Savage in 6 transformation challenges this is great “in between” option to keep you going in between challenges. The perk here is you can pause your membership when the next challenge resumes, and when it’s over, you will be re-entered into the Savage Society training program which will have the next month’s training program.  2 programs for the price of 1.  Score!

  • Sample meal plan, macro counting guide and a Half price discount on custom calculated macros for your specific goals (regular price for macros $45. Member price $22.50. Regular price for meal plan is $80, member price $40)

  • Earn free months by referring your friends to train with you! For every 2 friends you bring on board, you get 1 month free!

  • Ladies only room. Gents only room. Everyone together in our client chat